Book Overview

Mary is a naïve young woman whose life is not as planned. Betrayal in her marriage leaves her bitter, heartbroken, and angry. Instead of praying for God’s direction, she lives on her own understanding, walking away from the one who loves her the most: her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Focused on forgetting the pain of her past, Mary spends her days working as sales and marketing director at a popular resort and becomes a best-selling author. While trying to balance her life, she desires to follow Jesus. As Jesus continues to provide forgiveness, healing, and strength, Mary’s life takes a remarkable turn; she becomes a single mom.

Even as her faith is tested, Mary understands her need for her dependence on Jesus and forgiveness in her heart. Mary desires to use her story to save others from pain. Will her walk, faith, and trust in Jesus Christ be enough to help her reject outside influences determined to change her decisions in following His plan for her life?