One Sweet New Year Drawing

Hello Friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

If you have read my book or have a friend who has not read it, please share this exciting contest with them.  Comment here on your favorite chapter of “When Jesus Calls,” page number, and how it has touched your heart. You will automatically be entered into a drawing for an entire case / 12 pk – 8 oz. bottles of Andersons Pure Maple Syrup.

Of course, if there are many things you enjoyed about “When Jesus Calls,” you can register once per day before January 1st, 2024, by commenting on the chapter you enjoyed most, the page number and quote from the book, or how Jesus touched your heart while reading it.   The drawing will be on January 1st and will be announced here that evening.

You can purchase it here on my website if you haven’t read “When Jesus Calls” yet.

Thank you for reading “When Jesus Calls.”  I look forward to a sweet New Year with my new readers and friends.

Always Believe,

Martha Gayle

10 Comments on “One Sweet New Year Drawing”

  1. My favorite chapter is chapter 14, page 105.
    How Mary wrote the words the Lord gave her!

    Jesus took the Sin of the world.
    He died for you and me.
    He had to make a choice so that we all could be free.
    List goes on , have to get book and read rest of the story.

    • Hi Shelia!
      Thank you for reading “When Jesus Calls.” I am so happy you enjoyed it. Please share it with others. The poem that you are referring to is one that I wrote years ago. After my husband read it, he surprised me and put it in a frame for my birthday. It sits on a table in our living room. I knew God wanted it in my book, and I am happy you also loved it.

      Blessings to you, my friend!
      Always Believe,
      Martha Gayle

  2. I’m half way through the book (chapters 1-9 done) and am loving it so far. My fav chapter so far is chapter 3: A Dream Becomes Reality While Hearts Are Changed, pg 17. I love the main character and how she is growing. But my favorite part of this chapter is learning about Mr. Henry. My heart has always been for the senior population and his story of the relationship and bonding he so carefully creates and nourishes with others is a great example of living life to the fullest. This character is a fine example how the older population can positively influence the younger adults. Rhonda

    • Hi Rhonda!
      Thank you for reading “When Jesus Calls,” I am so happy you are enjoying it. Please share it with others, and if you could write a review for me, I would appreciate it. Mr. Henry is a wonderful friend to Mary and, like Jesus, is with her until the end. I also love the senior population and how Jesus used Him in the book to show others how we should all love each other.

      Please update me on your thoughts on the book when you finish reading it. It gets pretty intense from chapter 9, and Jesus continues to carry Mary through it all. :}

      You can also comment daily for the contest until January 1, 2024.

      Blessings to you!
      Always Believe,
      Martha Gayle

  3. When I was reading this book, at first I was afraid that Mary was never going to have a bad day…which, of course, didn’t last very long! But at the end of Chapter 1, I loved the way she described her feelings towards God, “Often, instead of praying for God’s direction, she’d lived on her feelings and emotions and made decisions that were not always comfortable for her. Not realizing it, she’d allowed the Enemy to drag her down a pit of destruction she never saw coming. She had walked away from the one who loved her most: her Savior, Jesus Christ. Mary had prayed that God would help her use more discernment. She had been young and naive and wanted to believe that everyone around her was honest and that the world around her was good. However, she had come to understand increasingly that she was wrong. As she’d experienced heartaches and troubles, she began having trust issues that shut her down in a way she didn’t like while also beginning to understand the need for forgiveness in her heart.”
    I have experienced that same realization in my life, and have found His forgiveness and guidance when I returned to Him. (I read the book on Kindle, so I don’t have the page #).

    • Thank you, Debbie, for reading “When Jesus Calls.” Yes, Mary spent much of her life understanding her need for Jesus. I believe God gives everyone their story to tell, and we are all a work in progress. I am happy you enjoyed reading my book, and I look forward to publishing the sequel that will continue the story of Mary’s life.

      Blessings to you! Always Believe,
      Merry Christmas!
      Martha Gayle

  4. Thank you Martha for writing your wonderful book and sharing it with others! I loved how Mary loved Jesus and her heart was to live for and serve Him. She showed us In Chapter 16, that we must always be mindful of our walk with the Lord and how the distractions of this life can take our eyes off the Lord and can cause us to stumble sometimes. It also shows hows the love and forgiveness of Jesus, helps us to start anew. It doesn’t mean we don’t have consequences for our actions, but Jesus can turn them around for good, just as His word says He makes ALL things work together for our good!

    • Thank you, Maggie, for your comment and for entering the drawing for the contest. Mary, like all of us, must stay focused on Jesus daily to live according to the calling God has given each of us. We are nothing without Him. Jesus is our hope, strength, peace, joy, and love. I am so happy you enjoyed reading “When Jesus Calls.” Bless you, in Jesus’s Name. Always Believe! Martha Gayle

  5. I like the way you used Biblical verses throughout the book, to bring the point across for each chapter. Excellent read! 2 chapters to go! ❤️

  6. I really felt like the author did a great job of conveying emotions from the characters in the book. For example, in chapter 4 on page 42 when she was at the dog park and a man was trying to get her attention you could just feel how uncomfortable it made her. This is a great book and I highly recommend it!

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