April 24, 2024

With the publishing of  ‘WHEN JESUS CALLS’ behind us,  I’m now fully immersed in crafting the sequel. The enthusiasm from my readers is exciting, and I’m equally thrilled about the next book, eagerly pouring my heart and soul into it.

This has been a fantastic journey.  I will say that publishing a book has been an overwhelming experience.  You never know what your readers think about it or how they will respond.  Of course, I know from personal experience that Jesus wrote it, and He never fails.

When two publicists turned me down to promote my book, I asked the Lord why. He responded with, “Why would I give anyone else my glory?”  Wow, okay!  So, I will continue to let Him be my publicist and put WHEN JESUS CALLS in the hands of those He will lead to read it.

I want to say “Thank You” to all who have read my book so far.  Readers like you inspire me and motivate me to continue the journey that the Lord has put before me in writing.

I would like to humbly ask you to put a review on Amazon if you can find the time, as this helps me so much as a new author.  Something about the way the internet works in helping to keep it in front of others or higher on the list of something.  😊  I am technically challenged, so I’m sure that didn’t make much sense, but… if you loved the book, WHEN JESUS CALLS, please take the time to write a review. ❤

Also, I would love to hear from you.  If you have any prayer request or comments, please don’t be shy.  You can comment under this post or any of my post.   I am looking forward to your friendship in Jesus and getting to know you.

Have a blessed day, and remember…. Always Believe – John 11:40

Martha Gayle


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